19 junho 2011

What's going on ?

Current Mood: Trying to understand what's going on with my beloved feelings
Current Music: One note samba - John Pizzarelli
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One day i used to think that for every situation we pass through should exist a predetermined way to deal with. Now, i've seen that it's easier to follow another person's ideas than our own. Of course, many of the situations that i'm referring to are usually common for most of people, like those about love, affection or relationships (in general). So, based on this thought we also should expect that advices, concerning these kind of problems, given by 'old' ones are the right answer, even if the "boundary conditions" for each situation are different. (Sorry about the specific term with quotations marks - much time dealing with physical terms)

Well... I can personally say that I do an enormous work trying to understand what I feel, and then to respond for myself. I know that I might seem to be fooled sometimes, but I believe it's better to evaluate exactly the facts. That's what is going on with me right now. I feel the freedom in my soul, like a bird that have just learned how to fly. Definitely is a great thing. On the other hand, i recognize that deep inside there is a part of me that does not got the signal yet. Something is missing (and i know what it is). Not that i'm feeling sad, i'm good. I just have some particular memories that continue to knock on my head. It's about what i've lived in the past months or even years. Magical, by the way. 

I'm right that this is only moment that will pass as time goes by. I've experienced a similar feeling every time I must deal with the ending of something really important to me. Natural, as Chico Buarque once said in one of his songs "Roda mundo, roda gigante, roda moinho, roda pião..." what to me reflects the constant modifications that life expose to us. . :)

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