27 fevereiro 2011

Um olhar

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Quando o mundo ao seu redor começa a sofrer significativas mudanças, você começa a pensar se já não é hora de participar.

25 fevereiro 2011

Notas de um dia

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Só para divulgar como me pediram, recebi hoje as minhas Ipanemas de uma promoção feita pelo site Letras.mus.br. É até bom, porque dificilmente eu costumo ganhar alguma coisa (rs). Vai que dá sorte, não é?

Aliás, acabo de chegar da primeira prova do PLE de Programação I. :)

20 fevereiro 2011

Uma pausa.

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Devo reduzir as postagens por aqui nos próximo dias. De volta às aulas (amanhã).

17 fevereiro 2011


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Notei que há muitas pessoas nas redes sociais que utilizam pontos de exclamação para qualquer término de frase. Isso é simplesmente irritante. Fico imaginando se eles pontuam pensando que a exclamação é algum tipo de enfeite, ou se vivem falando (mesmo) de maneira supresa, alegre, empolgada etc.

Um exemplo disso seria:
"Olá!!! Tudo Bem!!! Comprei num-sei-o-que!!! Vou sair!!! Tomar água!!! Banheiro!!!".

Quer dizer... Não consigo levar a sério uma pessoa que escreve "Banheiro!!!". Primeiro, já não basta uma exclamação? Agora três... Sei que em momentos de pura euforia costumamos exagerar quanto ao uso da pontuação, mas neste caso "Banheiro!!!". Não consigo imaginar alguém falando com tanta emoção "Vou tomar água!!!". Ou então, "Banana é amarela e Maçã é vermelha!!!".

Sim, sou muito chata. Sinceramente. Eu realmente não consigo levar a sério alguém que se expressa dessa maneira. 

O tempo: falsas atribuições.

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Já houve o tempo em que eu agiria de maneira sensata e rígida. Não quebraria nenhuma sentença feita; ou, muito menos deixaria um verbo transitivo indireto, responder, sem explicação. Algumas pessoas justificam suas mudanças de personalidade pelo tempo. Elas dizem com a boca cheia de satisfação “O tempo faz milagres”. Ora, ora, ora... Certamente, se existe algo que aprendi é que o tempo não faz milagres.

Podem passar dois, três ou dez anos, nada vai mudar se você permanecer o mesmo. Deveriam explicitar o “se” neste famoso ditado. “O tempo faz milagres se...”. Não somente explicitar o “se” como substituir a palavra “milagre” por algo mais concreto. Afinal, resultados são ditos “milagrosos” se não precisarem de uma causa para acontecerem. Milagres são conseqüências do nada.

Você pode até pensar “Ah! Mas alguns anos atrás eu era diferente... o tempo passou e eu mudei”. Tudo bem. Pela nossa concepção mundana de tempo ele nunca para e nunca vai parar. Daí, acabamos atribuindo o fator mudança ao tempo. Entretanto, não foi o tempo que mudou você. Outras coisas mudaram você, o tempo apenas seguiu o seu caminho independente da existência de qualquer pessoa. Se duvidar, faça o teste: fique um ano trancado no seu quarto sem influência qualquer externa ou interna, além do que você já anda acostumado. Um ano vai passar e você nem notará... Simplesmente porque você não vai mudar.

Por fim e enfim. Já houve o tempo em que tomar banho de chuva e chegar molhada em casa me faria sorrir... Fui eu quem mudou ou foi o tempo que passou?

12 fevereiro 2011


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Algumas pessoas vivem estabelecendo objetivos a curto prazo para suas vidas. Parece-me até fases de videogame. Você vai passando de uma a outra, então, depara-se com o chefão. Mas, o chefão não é o fim. É apenas o início de uma nova etapa. Dessa maneira, o ciclo de fases permanece. Comigo, acontece algo semelhante. Minhas etapas são temporárias, entretanto, a "lista de espera" só faz crescer.

Outra coisa...  Provavelmente continuarei com as 'essays' por aqui. 

09 fevereiro 2011

Haste makes waste

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There is an agreement almost universal relates to works made quickly. It states that haste makes waste. Personally, I believe that this statement is true, at least in most of the cases. Some situations requires a carefully observation of the facts instead of fast decisions.

A very common point in favor to the statement is that assignments done rapidly may contain more errors which could be avoided if it were well revised. The first look at the work, principally when the person is tired because of it, does not reveal tiny mistakes. So, reviewing works more than once reduce effectively the chances of doing something wrong. Also, it’s important to not leave material accumulated for a long time. Generally, when it’s decided to finish it there’s no time enough to pay the necessary attention.

For long trips, car review is recommended. But, how many people stop at the roads because of an unfinished car revision is uncountable. Sometimes the tires are no calibrated, or the oil is about to end. Travel by car, or other transport, without the minimum conditions can be more expensive than lose a few days to do all the revision work as is wished.

Another known situation is regarding cooking. A person who cooks or bakes knows that every food preparation has its stipulated time to taste good. Then, patience is a useful and distinguished quality for a person that works in restaurants. It’s better to wait for appreciated results than waste food by making it fast; in other way, ignoring the ideal time it was supposed to be.

As we noticed, the statement that haste makes waste is applied to many different situations. It’s a general saying that passes through generations, because it refers to common experiences that people have in life, which does not depend on the period they were born.

08 fevereiro 2011

Aspects of Learning a Foreign Language

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Learning a new language can be quite difficult. There are some aspects that influence when people start to feel interested on learning a different language. The most popular problems about it refer to the grammar and the phonetics. Since some of the languages may have distinct origins, for example, Portuguese and German, it is natural experience sort of uncomfortable feeling. Mainly, when its people’s first contact with the foreign language.

More than half of the population has troubles with grammar, not surprisingly, in its own language. So, even with distinguish models of constructing phrases or verbal tenses, every language has a logical structure. My understanding leads me to the belief that a very good way to learn and comprehend is to build a comparison scheme of what is known and is desired to apprehend. Another point made by many students, sometimes as reason to avoid studying it, is that grammar is too boring. Rules are usually seen as annoying things that should not be taken in count. Following these thoughts, grammar became a difficult issue for students.

Phonetics is not considered bad as grammar, but for some people might be a big question when the oral ability of communication is required. At certain age, the child is more capable of adapting to diverse tones or accents than adults, or teenagers. Then, depending of how old the person starts to learn a foreign language, and the familiarity with it, it will be easier or not. In other words, for new learners to talk as native speakers demand a certain time and a lot of practice.

The advantages of learning a new language are unarguable. Although there are some intrinsic difficulties that appear, they should not intimidate those who have the thirsty for knowledge. On the contrary, these presented problems must be an additional motivation to keep moving forward.

07 fevereiro 2011


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Some people believe that the internet is the most important invention ever. Certainly, internet has brought to society many positive points. For instance, it has placed information from all over the world together, in a space accessible to all. But, at first, none of this would be real if man had not invented the writing.

Definitely, the writing is the most important invention ever. Man could not be more intelligent when thought about concede it. Through writing human knowledge has been condensed in books. The essential consequence of it was the “immortality”. Even after the dead of the book's author, its material passes over generations. In these days it’s possible to read a book written more than a century ago.

Not only has the writing turned factual the possibility of recording precious information in format of paper, but also it has joined minds by the propagation of those ideas presented inside the books. For a long period in the past, people who were capable of reading had strongly the power of manipulating the others. They were treated as superiors. Nowadays, this still happens, but not with the same force.

What does the solid basis for writing is the potential that it holds.

06 fevereiro 2011

The past 5 years

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When I was younger, by the age of eleven or twelve, there was a very popular saying that almost every friend I had would say to me “I hope you still the same” or with equal meaning “I hope you never change”. But everybody knows that it is not what usually happens with people. Since they are born, people are meant to change. Though the variation in some cases is little perceptible. Therefore, comparing myself five years ago to now I’m able to notice what I have changed and I have not.

Five years ago I was at the age of fifteen, too young to decide which career I must follow. I had dreams becoming myself a movie’s director, much of it because I was inspired by Tim Burton’s movies. I’ve abandon this dream for reasonable arguments. First, the city where I live didn’t have a cinema undergraduate course at university. Second, it would be very difficult for me to be inserted on the labor market with this kind of course. Today, I have the same thoughts; I’m almost finishing my undergraduate course in physical science, which is very different from cinema. Actually, most of the young people tend not to be sure about which undergraduate course take.

A great point graded by me is about how, nowadays, I interact with people. I used to be very restricted concerning my relationship with others. I was not able to start or join in a conversation with someone unknown. It doesn’t mean that these days I’m extroverted, but it’s definitely easier than before to communicate myself. I believe in a quote that says “there are two things that can change people: meeting new people and reading books”. Mainly, the transition from high school to university gave me the opportunity to meet different people with unique ideas. My new studies transformed my way to see life as well.

In the past five years I have learned to estimate more my real friends, my family and my objectives. Of course, some fundamental of my principles still the same and it’s the part that I called character – the essence. Every phase of life is necessary to teach us regarding what is important after everything. Keeping our minds open to changes would lead us to great levels of self knowledge.

05 fevereiro 2011

Valentines gifts

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Every year, February is remembered by couples in love at its fourteenth day. This significant data is called as Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day that romantic people express their feelings for the love ones. One big issue about it that torments these people is which kind of gift is the best. Some people believe that affection can be measure by the price of the gift, so it must be expensive; on the contrary, there are some other people that think the best gift is the one that is given with the heart.

The manners of demonstrating feelings differ from a person to another. Nor always to buy a costly present necessarily means that the person took a long time to choose it and it was a significant choice. Sometimes an expensive present is given to avoid doubts, or even worse, because of some sort of guilty. Also, there are those who have just started to date, so the idea of an expensive gift carries with it the objective of impressing the one who will receive it.

Real mature and love couples tend to value more a present for its significance more than for its price. The tentative of doing something different for the day like a unique dinner is very much appreciated. For those with great artistic skills one simply but highly valued idea is to personalize or create a lyric, drawing, song, card etc. The true is when two people love each other for what they are; being on each other’s side is what really matters.

Naturally, everybody has a different judgment about this discussion which is based on her or his own experiences in life. Since we have considered both sides of the coin, in my opinion, the best gift is the one that is thought with love and given with heart.

Words vs. Actions

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Everybody must have heard once that actions are more significant than just words. I personally agree with the statement that actions speak louder than words. There are two fundamental points that justify why this thought is strongly valid.

One of the aspects that we should take in consideration is about liars. Many people are fooled by them because of the well arrangement of the words. Liars usually have a good cunning capable of transform any lie in one truth history. On the other hand, it’s all about words. There’s no action to support their lies, and if it existed would not be a lie. A very famous class of these kinds of liars appears on television every four years, and they are known as politicians. Every four years at the election period these citizens promise a good life, education, health care, basic conditions of living, infrastructure and more. People vote and at the end of the period almost everything stills the same; nothing really happens. Although the speech might be great is plenty more trustable to believe in actions.

Another point related to the power of actions reminds us of the big revolutions that happened in the past. Certainly, I’m not in favor to war or to spill blood on the concentration fields. In this case it’s true that words are very important in order to solve the issues, but they are not the only. The major victories for human rights happened with words and actions interconnected. A simple example between the eighties and nineties was the triumph of student’s card for public transportation. Students closed the streets to get the attention that they needed to hold their objectives. At first, the action gave them the possibility to be heard.

Thus it’s clear that both actions and words are important, but what makes words consistency are the actions. A word by itself does not have the same force that an action has. Then, based on these ideas and on what was presented, I reinforce my supporting for the statement.

03 fevereiro 2011

Eight days.

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My current mood reveals my situation.


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A few decades ago who had a television was considered rich by the others. Some people didn’t even imagine how would be possible to send an instantaneous message and receive the answer as well. Children used to play a lot more outside their homes with balls or strings to jump over and cell phones were utensils strictly of adults. Now, in the twentieth one century, these things seem to be trivial.

Much of what have been invented is thought to become people lives easier. Reducing time that information travels, connecting people from different countries in less than a second and providing a full integration of the world. These transformations have grown faster each year.

In this way, technology has helped society. One important example of the benefits originate from its advance is related to the availability of study materials on the internet. Probably the past generation of teachers, professors and also students didn’t have the facilities of finding international books besides the ones that used to be found in the library. At some locations was very difficult to be updated about the newest topics that were in fever in the most important universities. But these days it’s possible to be part of any discussion with just one click.

Furthermore buying things or services could not be more effortless. There are many websites offering everything you need and with good prices. It’s better to buy of websites than physical stores. The same thing has happened with the payment of bills. Waiting in lines was an irritating problem more common in the past.

Comparing and observing the changes that have been happening from the past decades to nowadays, we may notice that technology is so presented in our lives that the abstention of it would turn our lives into a chaos. We should also read technology as a word that expresses the progress of society in all kinds.

02 fevereiro 2011

Qualities of a good teacher

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There are some qualities that should be inherent of a good school teacher. Three most important of them are: punctuality, assiduity and commitment to education.

The first one, punctuality, does not refer only to the action of being on time with the activities, but also reveals the importance and respect that the teacher attributes to their students. The students usually take more serious classes in which teachers are in almost all the cases on time, and if they are not there is a good explanation.

The reasons why assiduity is an important quality for teachers is similar to the punctuality. Teachers that are too much relaxed about missing classes tend to be devalued. For instance, if there is a assignment scheduled for a determined time and the teacher is not there on class, students start to feel capable of not doing it straight anymore. Responsibility related to the hard work is something built using as example people that are near and in a major frame of reference.

The third, last and maybe the most important quality is commitment to education. We could synthesize both punctuality and assiduity at the last one. Commitment to education involves the entire process of teaching. Besides what were discussed before, it also refers to the relationship between students and teachers. Good teachers dispose themselves in order to help their students. Generally they don’t complain if some student spends more time than other to understand a specific subject or issue. What really matters is efficiency of education that must be universal, offering possibilities of learning for all.

Finally, these characteristics are not so easy to find in every school teacher, but are what everyone should expect of a good teacher. Intuitively students judge their teachers taking into consideration these aspects, and it’s also common to observe them punctuating which teachers are the best based on these criteria. Therefore is fundamental to make a good impression on students.

01 fevereiro 2011


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If I could change one important thing about my country it would be the symbolic value that is given to the teacher’s profession. By symbolic value I must clarify that is the importance that teachers have in our society and how people seem to understand it. Differently from others professions, like lawyers or doctors, teachers do not carry status. Precisely, if someone intends to be a teacher in almost all the cases he or she suffers of prejudice.

Generally, this kind of prejudice has its origin connected to the poor salary that a teacher receives. In other words, if someone is clever enough he or she should not “lose” his or her ability in order to have a bad salary. It means that just bad students must lose their time teaching. This thought is contradictory because to produce skilled labor it is really important to build a good basis that is actually made on the basic education. Then it leads us to the conclusion that one of the major professions that we have is the teaching action. Future lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists etc. all of them to became what they are had to pass from basic education to a higher.

For instance, in my country politicians tend to have exorbitant salaries without doing any efforts. Even more revolting is that they can also increase their own salaries for irrelevant reasons when nobody else can. So, it’s clearly that the situation is not fair to all workers, in our special case, for the teachers. Unfortunately that is what happens. They work too hard for being bad recognized.

So, my hope is that someday this predicament will change giving more respect in all the ways for our teachers. This change is fundamentally important. The time pass and the needed for new educators increase, but the will of most of the people do not follow this growth.

De dentro

Erupção... ERUPÇÃO erupção, erupção, erupção explosão Explosão... de dentro atravessa a pele mancha, mancha, mancha manifestação ...