17 julho 2010


Living in Toronto is one of the best things that have ever happened to me in the last few years. I’ve made some friends of different parts of the world (Korea, Poland, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, France etc.) and it is absolute amazing because when you’re focused on you own culture you actually can’t see the others with the right eyes. The experience of meeting people and living their culture is definitely unforgettable.

I should talk a little more about the Canadians. It is really interesting because before I came here I had no idea in terms of food, people, music, sports, specific words and all these things. I think the reason is like we know about American (U.S.) people on TV, movies, blá, blá. On the other hand, Canadians, well, they speak English but could you distinguish Canadians and U.S. people just by hearing them speaking in English. Before, I would say “Oh, ‘gringo’ maybe from U.S.” If the accent were strong they probably were from England and so on.

On my second day here I tried their Maple Syrup and it’s like a candy, honey, but extracted from Maple tree. A Maple tree is that one with a cute leaf that is on Canada’s flag. It has a delicious taste when you put on toasted bread, also toasted bread with peanut butter (commonly seen in movies). Peanut Butter is not as sweet as I thought. As the description goes around food, perhaps we have in Brazil, but I didn’t experiment before, the tomato juice is really good! Water in restaurants is for free… the reason may be on the fact that you can get (for drink) water in your own sink.

I was able to tell you guys more. Now i've seen that is too much for one day, so i'll come with others things later...

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