02 fevereiro 2011

Qualities of a good teacher

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There are some qualities that should be inherent of a good school teacher. Three most important of them are: punctuality, assiduity and commitment to education.

The first one, punctuality, does not refer only to the action of being on time with the activities, but also reveals the importance and respect that the teacher attributes to their students. The students usually take more serious classes in which teachers are in almost all the cases on time, and if they are not there is a good explanation.

The reasons why assiduity is an important quality for teachers is similar to the punctuality. Teachers that are too much relaxed about missing classes tend to be devalued. For instance, if there is a assignment scheduled for a determined time and the teacher is not there on class, students start to feel capable of not doing it straight anymore. Responsibility related to the hard work is something built using as example people that are near and in a major frame of reference.

The third, last and maybe the most important quality is commitment to education. We could synthesize both punctuality and assiduity at the last one. Commitment to education involves the entire process of teaching. Besides what were discussed before, it also refers to the relationship between students and teachers. Good teachers dispose themselves in order to help their students. Generally they don’t complain if some student spends more time than other to understand a specific subject or issue. What really matters is efficiency of education that must be universal, offering possibilities of learning for all.

Finally, these characteristics are not so easy to find in every school teacher, but are what everyone should expect of a good teacher. Intuitively students judge their teachers taking into consideration these aspects, and it’s also common to observe them punctuating which teachers are the best based on these criteria. Therefore is fundamental to make a good impression on students.

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