09 fevereiro 2011

Haste makes waste

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There is an agreement almost universal relates to works made quickly. It states that haste makes waste. Personally, I believe that this statement is true, at least in most of the cases. Some situations requires a carefully observation of the facts instead of fast decisions.

A very common point in favor to the statement is that assignments done rapidly may contain more errors which could be avoided if it were well revised. The first look at the work, principally when the person is tired because of it, does not reveal tiny mistakes. So, reviewing works more than once reduce effectively the chances of doing something wrong. Also, it’s important to not leave material accumulated for a long time. Generally, when it’s decided to finish it there’s no time enough to pay the necessary attention.

For long trips, car review is recommended. But, how many people stop at the roads because of an unfinished car revision is uncountable. Sometimes the tires are no calibrated, or the oil is about to end. Travel by car, or other transport, without the minimum conditions can be more expensive than lose a few days to do all the revision work as is wished.

Another known situation is regarding cooking. A person who cooks or bakes knows that every food preparation has its stipulated time to taste good. Then, patience is a useful and distinguished quality for a person that works in restaurants. It’s better to wait for appreciated results than waste food by making it fast; in other way, ignoring the ideal time it was supposed to be.

As we noticed, the statement that haste makes waste is applied to many different situations. It’s a general saying that passes through generations, because it refers to common experiences that people have in life, which does not depend on the period they were born.

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