05 fevereiro 2011

Valentines gifts

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Every year, February is remembered by couples in love at its fourteenth day. This significant data is called as Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day that romantic people express their feelings for the love ones. One big issue about it that torments these people is which kind of gift is the best. Some people believe that affection can be measure by the price of the gift, so it must be expensive; on the contrary, there are some other people that think the best gift is the one that is given with the heart.

The manners of demonstrating feelings differ from a person to another. Nor always to buy a costly present necessarily means that the person took a long time to choose it and it was a significant choice. Sometimes an expensive present is given to avoid doubts, or even worse, because of some sort of guilty. Also, there are those who have just started to date, so the idea of an expensive gift carries with it the objective of impressing the one who will receive it.

Real mature and love couples tend to value more a present for its significance more than for its price. The tentative of doing something different for the day like a unique dinner is very much appreciated. For those with great artistic skills one simply but highly valued idea is to personalize or create a lyric, drawing, song, card etc. The true is when two people love each other for what they are; being on each other’s side is what really matters.

Naturally, everybody has a different judgment about this discussion which is based on her or his own experiences in life. Since we have considered both sides of the coin, in my opinion, the best gift is the one that is thought with love and given with heart.

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