06 fevereiro 2011

The past 5 years

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When I was younger, by the age of eleven or twelve, there was a very popular saying that almost every friend I had would say to me “I hope you still the same” or with equal meaning “I hope you never change”. But everybody knows that it is not what usually happens with people. Since they are born, people are meant to change. Though the variation in some cases is little perceptible. Therefore, comparing myself five years ago to now I’m able to notice what I have changed and I have not.

Five years ago I was at the age of fifteen, too young to decide which career I must follow. I had dreams becoming myself a movie’s director, much of it because I was inspired by Tim Burton’s movies. I’ve abandon this dream for reasonable arguments. First, the city where I live didn’t have a cinema undergraduate course at university. Second, it would be very difficult for me to be inserted on the labor market with this kind of course. Today, I have the same thoughts; I’m almost finishing my undergraduate course in physical science, which is very different from cinema. Actually, most of the young people tend not to be sure about which undergraduate course take.

A great point graded by me is about how, nowadays, I interact with people. I used to be very restricted concerning my relationship with others. I was not able to start or join in a conversation with someone unknown. It doesn’t mean that these days I’m extroverted, but it’s definitely easier than before to communicate myself. I believe in a quote that says “there are two things that can change people: meeting new people and reading books”. Mainly, the transition from high school to university gave me the opportunity to meet different people with unique ideas. My new studies transformed my way to see life as well.

In the past five years I have learned to estimate more my real friends, my family and my objectives. Of course, some fundamental of my principles still the same and it’s the part that I called character – the essence. Every phase of life is necessary to teach us regarding what is important after everything. Keeping our minds open to changes would lead us to great levels of self knowledge.

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